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All eyes on the S4

Swisscom: All eyes on S4.
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The Samsung Galaxy S4 knows when you're looking and when you're not. A CLP billboard with built-in S4 offers the phone free to those who can keep their eyes fixed on the phone for 1 hour.
Sounds easy enough. Enter a string of distractions that try and divert our player's focus. From Hotdog sellers on fire, to Tourists asking for directions, stunt motorcyclists, buskers, arguing couples, cleaning staff and police dogs. A hilarious series of distractions using professional actors doing their best to cause a scene and steal away the attention of the contestants. Even a few celebrities dropped by to try and break player concentration -- including former Miss Switzerland Xenia Tchoumitcheva.

Advertising Agency: Heimat, Berlin, Germany
Chief Creative Officer/Founder: Guido Heffels
Chief Creative Officer: Myles Lord
Group Creative Director: Michael Schachtner
Copywriter: Raphael Hermann
Art Director: Lucas Schneider
Assistant Copywriter: Luis Jähner
Agency Producer: Alexander Münzer
Managing Superviser: Daniel Münch
Account Director: Christina Müller
Production: who's mcqueen?
Director: Kai Sehr
Technical Production: Perfect Fools


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