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Khortytsya: Freezing

Khortytsya: Freezing
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For the promotional campaign of the brand "Khortytsya", it was necessary to demonstrate the ingenious methods of cooling the new bottle, that changes its color when cooled to +5 °C (41 F). We built a Rube Goldberg-like* device to perform a series of "freezing" tasks: chill the bottle with the fire extinguisher, throw it in ice water, and finally launch the bottle into the stratosphere. To take one good shot, the team spent two days in the shooting pavilion and filmed over 72 takes.

Advertising Agency: Aimbulance, Kyiv, Ukraine
Creative Directors: Stas Mukhin, Vladimir Smirnov
Director: Vladimir Radlinsky
Executive producers: Darko Skulsky, Ole Yakovleva
Idea: Aimbulance team
Production: RadioactiveFilm


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