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First zero in 'Komen Eten'

Belgian Institute for Road Safety: First zero in Komen Eten. Creative News

Komen Eten is the Flemish version of Come Dine With Me, a format that is broadcast throughout the world. Everyone knows that at the end of the evening contestants give points in the back of the car that drives them home. We used this situation to create a surprising online commercial for the BIVV, the Belgian Institute for Road Safety. We launched the movie with the title "The first zero in Komen Eten" and had it posted on the YouTube channel of Vier, the network that broadcasts the programme. This way the surprise was complete for unsuspecting viewers. Now discover it for yourself.
All the national media, online and offline, picked up the movie immediately. Facebook and Twitter joined in. Even the federal police tweeted the video. After two days it was still the top video on Twitter and YouTube.

Advertising Agency: Proximity BBDO, Belgium
Creative Director: Chris Goossens
Art Director: Thierry Wiebking
Copywriters: Bart Van Goethem, Robby Cap
Managing Director Client Service: Isabel Peeters
Marketing Manager: Jochen Lysebettens
Online editor: Robbie Bardijn
BIVV-contact: Tom Dedecker


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